Understanding the real bestsellers of the 18th century

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Meet our team

Prof. dr. Alicia C. Montoya

Alicia Montoya is Principal Investigator of MEDIATE and Professor of French Literature and Culture at Radboud University, The Netherlands. She is the author of Medievalist Enlightenment: From Charles Perrault to Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Cambridge 2013), Marie-Anne Barbier et la tragédie post-classique (Paris 2007, winner of the Keetje Hodson Prize of the Royal Dutch Society for Arts and Sciences) and the co-editor of several volumes, including Lumières et histoire / Enlightenment and History (Paris 2010).


Dr. Helwi Blom

Helwi Blom is a postdoctoral researcher focusing on French private library catalogues and provincial book culture. She earned her PhD in French Studies from Utrecht University. Her thesis 'Vieux Romans' et 'Grand Siècle'; éditions et réceptions de la littérature chevaleresque médiévale dans la France du dix-septième siècle focuses on questions regarding the production, distribution and consumption of books in early modern France. Helwi is also a participant in the EDPOP (The European Dimensions of Popular print) project.


Dr. Jason Ensor

Jason Ensor (Western Sydney University) oversees the technical development and database construction for MEDIATE. At Western Sydney, he is a Chief Investigator with Professor Simon Burrows on the 'Mapping Print, Charting Enlightenment' Australian Research Council Discovery Project. He publishes in the field of Australian Book History and on matters related to research impact and rethinking scholarship in the digital age. In 2016 he led an Australian National Data Service project on making better use of paper-based high value historical publishers collections through digital technologies. In 2015 he was Conference Director for 'Global Digital Humanities' and will convene SHARP 2018 in Sydney, Australia.


Rindert Jagersma, MA

Rindert Jagersma is a book historian, specialized in the book trade of Dutch Republic in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. In the MEDIATE project, he focuses on Dutch auction catalogues and their owners. His PhD thesis (2017) is about the life and works of the Dutch pamphleteer Ericus Walten (1662-1697) and the importance of pamphleteers and booksellers in the dissemination of the early Enlightenment at the end of the seventeenth century in the Netherlands.


Dr. Juliette Reboul

Juliette Reboul is trained as a historian. She specialises in the circulation of objects, ideas and people in eighteenth-century Europe. She worked on the FBTEE project (University of Western Sydney), before joining the MEDIATE team at Radboud University in Nijmegen. In this project, she focuses on printed auction catalogues of British private libraries. Her PhD thesis examined the experiences and memories of French emigrants in the British Isles in response to the French Revolution. It has been published in Palgrave Macmillan's series 'War, Culture and Society, 1750-1850' as French Emigration to Great Britain in Response to the French Revolution.


Joanna Rozendaal, MA

Joanna Rozendaal participates in the MEDIATE project as project assistant. She will be coordinating the transcription project, which includes harvesting, transcribing, and digitizing eighteenth century private library auction catalogues. In addition, she will set up a crowdsourcing project, and ultimately implement these harvested data in the MEDIATE database. Joanna holds an MA in Arts and Culture, specialising in Dutch Golden Age Studies, with a particular interest in Book History.


Anna E. de Wilde, MA

Anna de Wilde participates in the MEDIATE project as a PhD student, focusing on Hebrew and Jewish books in Dutch auction catalogues. She studied History and Jewish Studies at the University of Amsterdam and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She specialized in the book culture of the Sephardic community in early modern Amsterdam. Before joining the MEDIATE team Anna worked as a researcher at Ets Haim - Livraria Montezinos, the world's oldest functioning Jewish library.