Understanding the literary system of the 18th century


We are currently in the process of harvesting, transcribing and establishing data from our corpus of (sales) catalogues of eighteenth-century private libraries. This will form the backbone of two databases: the BIBLIO database (Bibliography of Individual Book and Library Inventories Online, 1665 - 1830), containing basic bibliographic records for all extant private library (sales) catalogues in the Dutch Republic, France, and the British Isles, for the period 1665 - 1830; and the MEDIATE database (Middlebrow Enlightenment: Disseminating Ideas, Authors, and Texts in Europe, 1665 - 1830), containing fully searchable transcriptions and metadata on books and collectors extracted from a corpus of 2000 smaller private library (sales) catalogues.

In a second phase, we aim to render Linked Open Data on books and collectors interoperable with other existing bibliographic and bibliometric databases through the creation of a common interface, E-ENABLE (Early-modern - Enlightenment Networks of Authors, Books, and Libraries in Europe) allowing researchers to query several book history databases at the same time.

The public version of the MEDIATE database Sandbox will be launched in early 2022, during the MEDIATE project's closing conference, and will be made available here. Please contact us to get a guest account if you wish to access it.

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